“No wonder..” I said to myself when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

I came to Paris carpooling with strangers. That was my first time using a popular French long-distance carpool application called Blablacar, reason being it was cheaper than taking the train or bus. But seriously, I’m glad I tried it. After the first time getting a ride from Blablacar, I continued using it for the second time, third time, even recommended it to my senior who came to Paris a few months later since it’s so convenient and safe. The only downside for me (which…

Giving a shot at understanding my junior’s crypto trading script and documenting it here. Before I go deeper into how the program works, it’s important to understand what is currency pair and how each of the currencies within the pair plays its role in trading.

In order to find out the monetary value of something, it needs to be compared with a currency. (Ex. “Last month, the oil price was 67 USD per barrel, today it is up to 72 USD per barrel.“)

The same thing applies in currency trading. To find out a currency’s value, it must be paired…

Two months ago, a friend of mine was offered a new job at a new company quite far from home. It was quite a life-changing kind of offer. However, after days of deliberation, he decided not to go.

Today, he shared his resignation letter in our WhatsApp group. When asked why, he said, the company requested a reconsideration. That’s why he decided to rethink and finally changed his mind.

Doesn’t that seem like he’s a guy who’s fickle and easily influenced?

At first thought, I might agree. Yet almost all of us faced this scenario, we are often anchored to…

I recently read ‘How We Got to Now : Six Innovations That Made the Modern World’ by Steven Johnson. In my opinion, the author managed to curate the history of innovation in the form of well-written stories. These captivating stories and the lessons tied to them made this book one of my favorites.

Author Steven Johnson splits the book into 6 areas of innovation (Glass, Cold, Sound, Clean, Time and Light) that eventually transform all other fields after the innovation takes root. To give a glimpse of its content, I will summarize the first chapter of the book.

Before the…

In organizations where Agile & DevOps are not being practiced, software delivery process includes the development team passing a release candidate to testers every a few months or so. Testers will then try to validate the application as thoroughly as possible. Even with a long timeline and infrequent changes, they are already racing to keep pace.

With Agile & DevOps, organizations are releasing much more frequently, pushing the traditional testing methods to their breaking point. Without effective test automation, DevOps means either:

  1. Getting feedback at a snail pace — DevOps becomes less efficient & effective.
  2. Continuously delivering bugs to your…

Insyirah Amirul

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